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Pre – NCT Checks

At Timmons Auto Repairs we can carry out a full pre NCT check. We test everything that the centre checks to help ensure your car passes first time around.

What is the NCT?

The NCT is the National Car Test. This is a mandatory test that your car must pass in order to be deemed safe and roadworthy. The aim of the test is not to catch people out, but to make the road safer for everybody and help prevent any avoidable accidents. It now considered a criminal offence to drive without a valid NCT, so it is more important than ever to pass.

What is a Pre-NCT check?

The waiting list for the NCT can be long and the cost can be expensive. This is why it is important to pass first time where possible. At Timmons Auto Repairs we check everything that the NCT test centre checks, including emissions, headlights etc. This allows us to determine any areas where your car is likely to fail. In the event that we do find something wrong, our experienced team can provide you with a full transparent quotation. Should you wish to proceed with any repairs, we can schedule these at a time that suits you.

Schedule your Pre-NCT Check

To book in your Pre_NCT Check, simply get in touch on 085 1002453 Alternatively you can email us at and we will be in touch.